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About Xinye Company

Puyang Xinye Special Lubricant Grease Co., Ltd. was established in 1989,the company is located in China, Central China, where the Zhongyuan Oil Field is located, Puyang City, Henan Province.

After 34 years of steady development,the company is already a large-scale lubricant and grease production base integrating R&D, production, warehousing and sales.grease design capacity is 100,000 tons,10 grease production lines,38 sub-assembly production lines,lubricant design capacity is 100,000 tons,12 lubricant production lines,two of them are fully automatic production lines,the base oil storage capacity is 50,000 tons.the company’s products have outstanding performance, complete varieties and distinct grades.

Grease products include: lithium-based grease, calcium-based grease, calcium sulfonate grease, low-noise grease, engineering machinery grease, bearing grease, high temperature grease, water-resistant mechanical grease.

Lubricating oil products include: diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, special oil for construction machinery, etc. more than 100 varieties,

At the same time, the company also provides OEM, ODM custom foundry services.


Main business of the company

One of Xinye's main products: grease; At present, the design capacity is 100000 tons, and the customized production of single kettle and single product is implemented, which fundamentally solves the phenomenon of cross pollution of multiple products in one kettle and ensures the stability of color and quality. The main types of products include vehicle grease, bearing grease, composite calcium sulfonate, low noise grease, general lithium grease, general calcium grease, metallurgical grease, special grease, metal protective grease, etc

Xinye main business 2: lubricating oil; It is mainly used in many petrochemical fields, such as truck oil, high-class car oil, engineering machinery oil, industrial equipment oil and so on. The company can customize comprehensive lubrication integration solutions for industrial and mining enterprises.

Grease workshop

  • With an annual production capacity of 100000 tons, it is the grease workshop with the highest production capacity at present,
  • • 5.24m ³ 9 sets of saponification kettle, inlet 5.24m ³ 2 sets of contactors, 6.75m ³ 31 sets of blending kettles,
  • 7.2m ³ 26 sets of degassing tanks, 10 horizontal homogenizers, 3 air compressors and 45 grease filling lines.

R & D center

The R & D center covers an area of more than 1200 square meters, with 15 scientific researchers and 5 with master's degree or above. Have R & D capability. There are 45 sets of testing instruments and 22 sets of grease testing equipment, which can detect 35 product indexes of grease. 5 sets of micro blending experimental kettle, 2 sets of medium-sized blending experimental kettle and 5 grinding machines.

Xinye special lubricating grease Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and serving China's lubricating oil industry, actively participating in international competition, and providing global customers with more efficient, environmental protection and energy-saving lubrication solutions. Adhering to the craftsman spirit, strive to promote the construction of industry 4.0 intelligent factory and help the new development of made in China 2025.

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