Special Compound Lithium Grease – SFT

product overview

Special compound lithium grease is made by thickening refined mineral oil with compound metal soapand adding additives such as extreme pressure anti-wear, anti-oxygen and anti-rust.

performance characteristic

Excellent high temperature resistance, friction parts at higher temperatures or higher ambienttemperature grease does not lose, bearings or friction pairs are continuously protected, effectivelyextend the service life of bearings under high temperature conditions.

Good extreme pressure anti-wear performance, to meet the bearing lubrication of high load or acertain impactload mechanical equipment.

Good oxidation stability, to ensure that the grease in the process of use has a long service life.

Recommended application

Suitable for a variety of lubrication methods, No. 1 grease can be used for centralized lubricationsystem, No. 2, No. 3 can be used for manual grease injection.

lt is suitable for lubrication of high temperature friction parts of automobile wheel hubmaintenance, metallurgy industry, heavy load equipment and printing and dyeing, large, hot oil pump bearings and other mechanical equipment.

Operating temperature: -20C ~ 220°C.

Typical  data

Item Typical data Test method


Smoothing cream visual

Worked cone penetration,0.1mm

328 274 240 GB/T 269

Dropping point,℃

280 285 296 GB/T 3498

penetration change after 100,000 strokes,0.1mm

7 7 8 GB/T 269

carrying capacity (four ball method) PB value, N

882 882 882 SH/T 0202

carrying capacity (four ball method) PD value,N

3089 3089 3089 SH/T 0202

carrying capacity (Timken method) OK value,N

200 200 200 SH/T 0203

Anti-corrosion property(52℃,48h)

Up to standard GB/T 5018

Steel mesh oil separation(100℃,24H)%

0.9 0.4 0.2 SH/T 0324

Similar viscosity(-10°C,10s-1),Pa·s

238 432 605 SH/T 0048

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