Xinye 2022 sales summary meeting and 2023 sales mobilization meeting was held

2022-01-21 15:08:55


At 2 o’clock in the afternoon of January 10th, Xinye Lube Oil Sales Department held the 2022 sales summary conference and 2023 annual sales mobilization meeting with the theme of “integration and gathering potential transformation and breakthrough” in the conference room on the second floor of the company.The meeting called on all the sales staff to work hard, constantly enterprising struggle, and comprehensively improve the combat effectiveness of the sales team.Zhang Youyun, chairman of the company, Zhang Youju, general manager, and the sales staff of Production Department, Technology Department and nine offices attended the sales summary meeting together; the meeting was presided over by Zhang Xueliang, general manager of Sales Department

First of all, Manager Zhang Xueliang delivered the opening speech, thanking the sales staff for the hard work in the past year, analyzing the current situation of some industries in the market, affirmed the achievements, and put forward new expectations for the development of the company.Subsequently, Director Li Jicai analyzed the sales data in 2021, analyzed the sales of grease, lubricant and vehicle urea, praised Shanxi, Dongguan and Zhengzhou offices, encouraging unsatisfactory sales; In 2021, grease and lubricating oil achieved new breakthroughs, and summarized and reflected the sales problems in 2021, and comprehensively mobilized and implemented the market strategy and layout in 2022.

Then each office for experience sharing, nine offices from Hebei office gradually analyze the market situation and the company needs to improve the place, the experience sharing, the discussion summary, learning interaction, not only improve everyone’s business ability and pioneering thinking, also inspired everyone higher and stronger morale.

Then general manager Zhang Youju from enterprise management, production process reengineering, service upgrade, logistics delivery, order system upgrade and other aspects put forward higher requirements, and put forward specific requirements and improvement goals, to the sales department also put forward the requirements, to learn professional knowledge, improve professional skills, build professional service sales talent.

Finally, Chairman Zhang You summed up the operation meeting that in 2021, in the face of severe challenges such as COVID-19, raw materials explosion and industry changes, the company evaluated the situation, overcome difficulties, made hard-won achievements, and also pointed out the deficiencies in the work.Praise, the meeting, zhang to outstanding results office, also focus on the analysis of the domestic market situation, opportunities and challenges, and in 2022 need to focus on deployment, and with the office manager signed 2022 sales target task, hope all the sales staff, full energy, seize the opportunity, do a good job in marketing deployment, into the New Year sales work, make due contributions to the development of the company.

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