Xinye won the “lubtop2020” annual trusted grease Award

2021-10-14 10:38:03

On April 23, the high-profile lubtop2020 annual general evaluation list of China’s lubricating oil industry and automobile service excellence selection were grandly held in Beijing Kuntai Hotel. With the theme of “great changes, smart future”, this activity attracted fierce competition from global well-known lubricant brands and domestic first-line well-known brands. Since the launch of the activity, Xinye lubricating oil has won the “lubtop2020” annual user trusted grease award in one fell swoop through the fair and strict screening of Industry Organization recommendation, online public voting, end-user research and expert review in the three important dimensions of product, brand and market.

Since its establishment, Xinye company, through the joint and careful efforts of the team, has implemented the big marketing strategy formulated by the company, forge ahead, innovate in thinking, expand channels and serve the market, and implemented a series of home service strategies for end customers, which not only continuously improved the product quality, innovated the marketing model and optimized the service model; Technically, it has also improved and strengthened the use of new formulas, and developed a series of new products; In particular, the listing and hot sale of low-noise grease, roller bearing grease and compound calcium sulfonate grease are the fruits of Xinye’s continuous exploration and innovation; Facing the future market, Xinye lubricating oil will take this as an opportunity for more beautiful, novel and influential marketing innovation activities. We firmly believe that based on high-quality and characteristic products, Xinye will create a wonderful new chapter through our continuous innovative marketing planning.

At the conference, Zhang Guochao, sales director of North China office, said in an interview: as Xinye lubricating oil with a history of 30 years, it has been committed to providing excellent lubricating products and services for the majority of end consumers and industrial and mining enterprises, not only serving steel mills and coal mines, but also serving automobile manufacturing, main engine plants and many other fields. We meet the growing needs of our users and consumers for lubrication services with comprehensive, value-added and leading services. We sincerely hope to work with you to contribute to China’s grease industry.

As the largest and most influential national selection activity in the industry, the annual general evaluation list of China’s lubricating oil industry (lubtop2020) was sponsored by China lubricating oil information network and lubricating oil market magazine, which was strongly supported by relevant industry institutions and associations, industry authoritative experts, industry users and national mainstream media, It is recognized as the “Oscar” award in the lubricating oil industry.

The Xiongguan pass is really like iron. Now I’m stepping over from the beginning. This award is the affirmation and support of the industry and consumers for Xinye products and brands. In the future, Xinye will continue to be guided by the actual needs of consumers, combined with extensive user research, continue to refine the product function positioning, develop innovative scientific and technological products, and provide consumers with more high-quality lubrication products and services.

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