Li Qichang, Secretary General of China grease Association, and his delegation went to Xinye company to guide the work

2021-10-15 11:35:33

On March 11, Li Qichang, Secretary General of China grease Association and Liu Qinglian led a delegation to Xinye company for inspection and guidance; Zhang Youyun, chairman of the company, Zhang manliang, senior engineer of lubricating grease, Zhang Xueliang, manager of sales department and other senior executives attended and accompanied; Chairman Zhang Youyun led chairman Li and his party to visit the grease production workshop, sub assembly workshop, lubricant production workshop, scientific research center, environmental control room, etc. and listened to the report of president Zhang on the development of grease. The company was founded in 1989 and gradually grew into a domestic leading lubricant with world-class equipment and technology Grease enterprises have strictly implemented the 6S lean management mode and strictly controlled the quality. They have successively passed the environmental management system certification, GHC energy management system certification, occupational health management certification, etc. And won the honorary title of green factory in Henan Province in 2020. President Li spoke highly of the rapid development of Xinye lubricating oil company in recent years and its work in internationalization extension, regional brand strategy, scientific and technological innovation and new product development. He said that the purpose of this survey of excellent enterprises in the industry is to fully understand the scale and trend of the industry and contribute to the common development of the industry. And give a high degree of affirmation to Xinye’s excellent achievements in recent years, and also give a high degree of recognition to Xinye’s modern production equipment and laboratory! Finally, President Li put forward some reasonable suggestions according to the current development situation:

1. Grasp technology. Strengthen technology R & D management and vigorously cultivate technology R & D ability and technical talents. Only technology improvement can go further.

2. Plan the products well. Grease is a large market for small industries, ranging from children’s toys to space shuttles. Grease has broad development prospects. We should work hard and strive for perfection in some fields.

3. And practical application. There are no absolutely good and absolutely bad things in the world. The quality of a product ultimately depends on the recognition of customers. Always remember that the essential significance of making a product is to solve problems, and what customers buy is the way to solve problems.

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