Customers’ children have made great achievements in the college entrance examination. This company rewards students and warms people’s hearts!

2021-10-15 11:52:10

The autumn wind is cool and the fruits are fragrant. Xinye lubricating oil has ushered in a bumper harvest moment for the students of the college entrance examination. After ten years of hard work, the children of many customers have finally ushered in a try. Many students have received university admission notices one after another. This year is also the company’s public welfare activity of “throwing 1 million scholarships back to the society” for three consecutive years. Recent activities have entered Zhangye City, Gansu Province, Aksu, Xinjiang, Chengde City, Hebei Province, Shanggao County, Yichun, Jiangxi Province, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, Haikou City, Hainan Province, etc; Send cordial blessings and college entrance examination grants to customers’ children;

Warm one: on the 12th, the former chongbing manager of Lanzhou Office personally visited the outstanding students in the college entrance examination in Zhangye City, Gansu Province. When the former manager successfully arrived in Zhangye City, Gansu Province, the partner president Liu and his family waited in the store; After taking his seat, the former manager first congratulated Liu Dandan, the child of partner general manager Liu, on behalf of the company’s leaders, on his efforts to enter the ideal university – Lanzhou University of Finance and economics; And send the college entrance examination grant of Xinye lubricating oil. Secondly, thank President Liu for his support and care for the development of the company, and hope to support the development of the company as always; President Liu thanked the company for its student assistance activities.

Warm 2: Mr. Huang, from Shanggao County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, has been engaged in Xinye lubricating oil for more than ten years, and the sales have been very good locally. This year, his daughter Huang Xinyuan was admitted to Nanchang University, a well-known university in China. Due to the corresponding national epidemic policies, she could not personally congratulate him personally. Manager Wu Liangchuan of Changsha office sent a telephone video to president Huang and sent the blessings of the company’s leaders and college entrance examination grants.

Warm three: President Wang of Fengyuan lubricating oil supermarket in Luanping county, Chengde City, Hebei Province, has operated Xinye lubricating oil for more than four years. He recognized the quality of the company’s products and highly praised the company’s love student activities. This year, his daughter Wang Xinyu was admitted to Hebei University of Economics and trade, and manager Zhang Guochao of Hebei Office expressed his congratulations and concern by telephone, Together with the company’s blessing and college entrance examination scholarship;

Warm four: President Chen of Haikou Hongfu trading company, who has operated Xinye lubricating oil for more than ten years, has been focusing on promoting Xinye brand in Hainan and has high popularity and sales volume in the local area, which is inseparable from President Chen’s efforts; This year, his son Chen Siyang was admitted to Guangzhou Huali college. Wu Lianghu, manager of Dongguan office, expressed concern and congratulations to President Chen by telephone, and kindly sent the company’s blessing and college entrance examination scholarship;

Warm five: President Wu of Zhaoqing Yida Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has been operating Xinye brand in Zhaoqing. His son Wu Haosen was admitted to Guangdong Second Normal University through efforts this year. Manager Wu Lianghu of Dongguan office expressed concern and congratulations to President Wu by telephone, and kindly sent the company’s blessings and college entrance examination grants;

Warm six: Mr. Yan Yuanjiang, Baicheng County, Aksu, Xinjiang, has been operating Xinye lubricating oil for more than ten years, and his son Yan Yecheng has also been excellent in local operation. His son Yan Yecheng has been admitted to Liaoning Institute of Finance and trade through efforts. Manager Wang Hongliang of Xinjiang office expressed his relationship and congratulations to Mr. Yan by telephone, and kindly sent the company’s blessings and college entrance examination grants;

The public welfare activities of Xinye company have been going on continuously. In the process of communicating with customers, the managers of local offices have exchanged and communicated in many aspects, such as in-depth cooperation, brand promotion, marketing mode, market situation and service concept. Customers have expressed their admiration for chairman Zhang Youyun of Xinye, an entrepreneur with a high sense of social education responsibility, At the same time, they also said that they would continue to strengthen the support and promotion of Xinye lubricating oil, and were pleased with the rapid development of the company in the market. They all wished the company to do faster and bigger! The two sides reached a lot of consensus during the communication. They firmly believe that although the market environment is changing greatly, Xinye lubricating oil will become the best lubricating oil enterprise as long as the manufacturers work together.

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