Gather the strength of Xinye and build an efficient team —– The 2023 Xinye Company outward bound training was held smoothly

2023-11-15 08:22:47

    In order to cultivate the sense of responsibility, stimulate the creative spirit and build an efficient team, Xinye Lubricating Oil Company organized the employee development training with the theme of “Responsibility and responsibility” on October 24. A total of nearly 100 employees and department leaders from all departments of the company attended the training.

    At 8:00 in the morning, expand training on time in the company north square, the opening ceremony, the chairman of the company Zhang Youyun class speech, congratulations on the training smoothly, stressed that the company development challenges and opportunities, ask everyone to seize the training opportunities, self improvement, shoulder xin new journey on the new responsibility, new tasks, new challenges, personal growth into the company platform, inherit and carry forward Xin Ye “concentration, focus, pragmatic, societe generale” spirit, efforts to do every bucket of oil, to provide customers with satisfactory products.

    Under the command of 4 coaches in the opening of classes, this training is divided into: ice-breaking, group building and opening camp, excellent military training, group confrontation and other links. In order to highlight the team and on-site confrontation, the teams were divided into red, orange, yellow and green teams according to the color of the team flag, and the captain and political commissar were selected, each with the creative team name and slogan. The members wore the corresponding color uniforms, lined up neatly and with high morale, and the training officially broke the ice and set sail. Then, under the leadership of their respective captains to challenge NO.1.

    Challenge NO.1 focuses on testing the team strength of the students, requiring the students to complete the “energy transmission, 60 seconds, no forest, a circle to the end, beating the drum and ball” within the specified time, and each team announces the ranking at the overall completion time. Due to the short time and the high difficulty coefficient of the project, all the team members must rely on the accurate and rapid response ability and strong teamwork to complete the challenge. Finally, under the leadership of the captain Wu Lianghua and the political commissar Li Fei, the “bright sword team” broke through the difficulties quickly and won the first place.

    In the afternoon, the training continued. The lecturers of Shanghai Yu Shiwei Group gave a lecture with the theme of “Training” of Professional Mentality. The content was carried out from the seven professional attitudes of “positive, learning, dedication, dedication, cooperation, tolerance and gratitude”. The aim is to shape the professional mentality of employees, carry forward the spirit of professional adherence and craftsmanship, due diligence, and improve the quality of enterprise personnel. At the teaching site, the lecturer’s language was vivid and rich, and a large number of company site cases were used. They walked into the workshop and got close to the post. The scene broke into warm applause from time to time. The chairman and general manager of the company also listened attentively at the scene and took notes together with the employees.

    During the break, everyone enthusiastically spoke and talked about their personal learning experience. The staff of the lubricating oil workshop said that through learning, they felt that their thoughts had been greatly changed and improved. In the future, they would treat the workers with a tolerant, positive and cooperative attitude, so that they would be more harmonious and more efficient. Zhang Youju, general manager of the company, also commented on the training: It is our responsibility to serve customers honestly and produce better products, and constantly improve the quality of employees and improve the management level of the company is an important part of the series of activities carried out by the company this year. Through this outward bound training, I believe that our employees’ mentality and working spirit will take on a new look.


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