Xinye Lubricating bricant was invited to participate in the 12th APEC SME Technology Exchange and Exhibition

2023-11-15 08:34:34

Bosom friends do not care about distance; neighborhood still remains even in ten thousand miles. From November 9 to 11, the 12th APEC SME Technology Exchange and Exhibition opened in Qingdao. This exhibition attracted more than 1600 enterprises and enterprises from home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, among which 319 enterprises from 17 APEC member economies and 19 countries jointly building “Belt and Road”.

The exhibition for three days, the exhibition area of 50000 square meters, sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the people’s government of Shandong province, with “green development digital can assign, financing innovation and win-win cooperation” as the theme, exhibition, BBS, 5 points BBS, aims to further promote APEC member economy technical exchanges and economic and trade cooperation, promote small and medium-sized enterprises high level open cooperation, promote industrial chain, supply chain stability and competitiveness, deepen pragmatic cooperation, sharing market opportunities.

Xin industry lubricating oil as a representative of the new enterprise, also as one of the two representative enterprises of Puyang city was invited to attend the meeting of Henan phalanx, at the exhibition with long oil cycle of automotive oil and new materials and technology of special grease exhibits, with the national outstanding enterprises and exhibits competition and display;

Wu Baocai, vice president of the company, as the leader of the Xinye team, He welcomed to the provincial and ministerial leaders of the booth: In recent years, with the support of the national and local governments, It has won a series of honors such as national High-tech Enterprise, provincial Green Factory, Henan Province “Specialized and new” enterprise, provincial Special Grease Engineering Technology Research Center and so on; Xinye has always been a strong enterprise of science and technology as the top priority of the development of the company, The company’s technology department has the development of new products every year, With the increasing use of new materials in recent years, Also has developed some hit products suitable for the market, Through the continuous market service has also won the market recognition and welcome;

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