Stimulate consumption vitality to protect product quality- -Xinye lubricating oil blows the horn of integrity 3.15

2024-03-15 09:44:15

     On March 15, is the “international consumer rights day”, 2024, the theme of “activate consumption”, hope that by strengthening the power of credit products, improve the mass consumption vitality and quality, let everyone put ordinary days more happiness, steadily improve consumption ability, improve the consumption environment, let residents can consumption, consumption, dare to consumption, speed up the construction of modern economic system, open domestic circulation and domestic and international circulation, open for China’s economy “difference” planning, towards the comprehensive construction of socialist modernization country new journey power on. In this popular day, in order to promote the integrity of production and operation, create a healthy integrity cooperation atmosphere, set up “thank national platform, achievement enterprise brand” strategic thinking, promote the development of lubricating grease industry standardization, xin industry lubricating oil held a “activate consumption, protect product quality” oath assembly.

    Company general manager Zhang Youju delivered a warm speech, he first stressed the importance of the oath conference, product quality is the base of the enterprise, good price products and high quality service can stimulate consumption vitality, emphasize xin industry lubricants should give full play to the industry excellent leading role, as an opportunity to guide the industry to “stimulate consumption vitality, protect product quality” commitment to further, maintain good market economic order, for consumers to build integrity, standardized and orderly market environment.

    At the climax of the activity, the collective oath was taken under the leadership of the leader Zhang Guoen:
I swear: as the producer of Xinye products, in line with the joint construction of quality Xinye, stimulate consumption vitality, dare to take responsibility, safe production, with efficiency and quality, shape xinye quality products, with enthusiasm and responsibility, boost Xinye brand, for the people, make good oil.affiant:XXX

    Xinye people have always believed that only by adhering to quality, rigorous production and careful service can they be truly recognized by consumers and the society. In this respect xin industry lubricating oil in the industry, leading, constantly spread “good for the people, the good oil” enterprise concept and value, with excellent product quality, service quality, business philosophy for every consumer to provide comprehensive, system, professional lubrication products and services, let consumers at ease, rest assured, comfortable consumption every xin industry products, stimulate consumption vitality, boost China’s consumption environment upgrade!

    Through this integrity 315 signature oath conference, the light of integrity will always shine in the heart of every Xinye employee, like a spring rain to nourish the lubrication industry, in line with the integrity of consumers, constantly improve the service level, I believe that Xinye lubricating oil will become the leader in the industry!

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