Longteng Shengshi Create brilliant-2024 Xinye sixth fun Games

2024-03-15 10:40:31

    On January 29,2024, the sixth Xinye Cup “Longteng Prosperity Create brilliant again” fun games kicked off in the rising sun. At 8:30, the employees were grouped according to the scheduled group, under the leadership of their respective captains, facing the spring breeze, the participants formed neatly, sonorous pace, loud slogans, showing the good spirit of each team and the firm confidence to win. Chairman Zhang Youyun opening speech: review 23 years in difficult market situation, all staff work together to complete the scheduled goals, hard-won, and the development of 2024 facing the company put forward new measures, at the same time thank you for a year of hard work and silently pay, send sincere New Year wishes for all staff. The games kicked off in the chairman’s enthusiastic speech.

    The fun games set six events, respectively, fancy passing, penguin walk, nine palace grid competition, paper cup pass, blindfolded hit golden eggs, tug-of-war competition. The competition is not only a game of skill and speed, but also to be stable, which requires the cooperation and coordination of the players and the overall coordination. According to the scheduled process, in the opening gong of the referee, the players of both sides enter in turn, into the tense and excited game.”Penguin walk” began, each team selected 10 people, respectively 10 meters, the two hands and legs with three balls, a penguin walk, three from start to the ball, the next player to complete the relay, the participants clip steps, naive, also some lovely, cause laughter on the playground.

    The most test of the project is the nine grid competition, each group of players in turn, the referee ordered, take turns out of the players, quickly run to the nine grid chess board, with chess pieces to occupy a space, which team takes the lead into a line (line, column, or oblique line), the team wins. The competition process is interesting and exciting, testing not only people’s thinking ability but also the teamwork ability.

    The next project is the paper cup pass. Each team member blows up the balloon with his mouth to hold up the paper cup and then quickly runs to the opposite side to put the paper cup down, then comes back to high-five relay the next team member, and finally counts which group has the most paper cups in the same time. This project tests the coordination, stability and speed of the movement, as well as the collaboration ability of the team.

    Then is the “blindfolded hit the golden egg” activity, the golden egg has scores and cash red envelope, the hammer hit, the golden egg broken moment, burst is a surprise, hit the red envelope joy jump, did not hit the mood lost, at the same time the heart is also full of expectations for a golden egg.

    “Tug-of-war” pushed the games to the climax, the popularity quickly gathered, the atmosphere of the scene quickly rose to surprise cheer.

    The fun games lasted for 3 hours, with a total of 6 participating teams. Everyone gained joy in the competition, fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of employees, and further enhanced the cohesion of the team. Each team played out of the style, played out of the level, but also harvest the joy. Company general manager Zhang Youju announced the winning team, prizes, for the fun games ended, and said: the company in the development and construction, will carry out more cultural activities, constantly promote communication between employees, enrich staff cultural life, enhance team cohesion, promote the construction of enterprise culture, promote the harmonious development of enterprises.  


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