Xinye was invited to participate in the 2024 (8 th) China Lubricating Oil Technology Innovation and Industry Development Forum

2024-04-13 11:44:19

     By China’s lubricating oil industry leading diversified media platform —— Guangzhou intellectual thousand heavy market information consulting co., LTD., “2024 (eighth) China lubricating oil technology innovation and industry development forum / China (Guangzhou) lubricating oil industry supply chain products and technology exhibition” held on April 11-12. The industry forum has been held for eight sessions, and it is one of the high-end, influential and indispensable professional conferences recognized by the industry. With the theme of “innovation and development”, no matter the theme heat, the conference specifications, the number of participants, the content construction, the weight of guests, etc., we have all stepped up to a new level! Industry response is warm, the effect of the meeting is highly praised and praised!

         Puyang Xinye was invited to participate in this event, the company’s lubricating oil technology minister Zhang Guojie and south China branch manager Wu Lianghu were invited to attend. During the meeting Zhang Guojie minister also lubricating grease OEM and several lubricating oil factory communication negotiation, and elaborated on the development of xin industry lubricating oil in recent years and the next three years planning, emphasize the advantages and characteristics of the company, to build one-stop comprehensive lubrication solutions for customers, relying on a strong upstream resources and high-end cutting-edge technology, and the international first-class additive company depth cooperation, always adhere to the “market-oriented, quality as the cornerstone, service as the core, with marketing leading” strategy, create “for the people, make good oil” product concept. All received the support and corresponding counterparts, and as an outstanding representative of the stage to receive the award.

    This BBS communication continue to the concept of innovation, development, meeting two days, distinguished guests brainstorming, plan for industry development, everyone always think that as long as each manufacturer to grease development as own duty, in line with the principle of responsibility, bear, sharing, will be able to for the healthy and sustainable development of lubricating grease industry in China to make greater contribution.

    Introduction of attached xin industry:
    Puyang Xinye Special Lubricating Oil Fat Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, located in the hinterland of Zhongyuan oilfield-Puyang City, Henan Province. The company has a grease production capacity of 100,000 tons / year and 100,000 tons / year. Is currently the forefront of the domestic lubricating oil, fat production and marketing base. The company has 9 sales branches, whose products cover most areas of China, realizing the synchronous output of the whole link of production, research, storage and transportation, sales and service. Company products covers lubricating oil, general grease, special grease, precision grease, grease, construction machinery, metallurgical industry special grease, internal combustion engine lubricants, industrial lubricants, engineering machinery lubricants, automotive urea, antifreeze and other 21 categories of more than 320 varieties, widely used in automobile, machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum processing, electronics, bearings, and many other fields.
Xinye Special Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and serving China’s lubricating oil industry, actively participating in international competition, and providing global customers with more efficient, environmental protection and energy-saving lubrication solutions. Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, we will strive to promote the construction of industry 4.0 smart factory and contribute to the new development of Chinese manufacturing.

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