Xinye company party branch to carry out the tomb-sweeping festival activities

2023-04-02 15:21:38

    On April 2, in the tomb-sweeping day approaching, xin industry company party branch take this opportunity to “honor the heroes of the soul, touch past endeavour” as the theme of the history of the party, love party patriotic education activities, organization branch party members and party activists and student representatives to xinzhuang town Mao Gang revolutionary cemetery tomb-sweeping martyrs memory martyrs activities. Bear in mind the revolutionary history, carry forward the revolutionary tradition, and do not forget the original aspiration of Party members.

    On the morning of the same day, the cemetery was covered with a green early spring, solemn and solemn. Party members and active members of Xinye Company are arranged neatly, holding flowers, with solemn expressions, paying tribute to the tombstone martyrs, bowing silently, mourning the revolutionary martyrs, so as to express their reverence and memory for the revolutionary martyrs. Under the guidance of the more passionate voice of Zhang You Yunqing, the branch secretary, all the staff read in unison, reviewed the oath of joining the Party, felt the historical mission, firm revolutionary faith, and always maintained the original aspiration of the revolution.

    Then we reviewed the revolutionary deeds, expressed the red memory of the revolution, and remembered the outstanding Chinese people buried in the cemetery of the heroic sacrifice for the founding of new China. They cherish the ideal of the Great Revolution, shed their heads, shed their blood, go through fire and water, and sacrifice their lives for justice. In the expression of the revolutionary red memory, a more profound understanding of the revolutionary martyrs of selflessness and greatness.

    At the end of the activity, we all said: continue to carry forward the martyrs’ will, under the leadership of the great Communist Party of China, to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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