Xinye Lube oil integrity 3.15 signature oath conference

2023-03-15 08:21:56

    On March 15, is the “international consumer rights day”, in the day of the popular, in order to promote the integrity of production and operation, create healthy integrity cooperation atmosphere, set up “thank national platform, achievement enterprise brand” strategic thinking, promote the development of lubricating grease industry standardization, xin industry lubricating oil specially held the integrity 315 signature oath conference.

    The scene of the signature oath activity was in good order, and the enthusiasm of the staff was high. Under the common attention of everyone, the consumer confidence was boosted- -Xinye Lubricant took the oath in action. Honesty is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and also an important part of the socialist core values. Honesty is the foundation for individuals, the foundation for enterprises, and the source of harmony and stability for the whole society.

    Company Zhang Youju general manager delivered a warm speech, he first speak the importance of the oath conference, emphasize xin industry lubricating oil should give full play to the industry excellent leading role, as this opportunity to guide the industry quality first, good faith escort commitment to deepen, maintain good market economic order, for consumers to build integrity, standardized and orderly market environment.

At the climax of the activity, the collective oath was taken under the leadership of the leader Zhang Guojie:

    I swear: as the quality supervisor of Xinye products, we will jointly promote consumption fairness, boost consumer confidence, be responsible for customers, responsible for consumers, strictly test, excellence, and build Xinye into a trustworthy quality brand.affiant:XXX

    Then, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Youyun, we solemnly signed their names on the integrity 315 signature wall, put the concept of quality first and integrity escort into practice, and provided consumers with high-quality products and thorough service with practical actions.

    Through the integrity 315 signature oath conference, the light of integrity will always shine in the heart of every Xinye employee, like a spring rain to nourish the lubrication industry, in line with the integrity of consumers, constantly improve the service level, I believe that Xinye lubricating oil will become the leader in the industry!

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