Adhere to the voluntary tree planting, practice party member demonstration

2023-03-11 11:36:59

    The chill of winter has not faded, spring is coming to us with a green breath, the spring breeze blows the green buds of the branches, blows the green grass on the ground, but also blows the enthusiasm of party members and activists.

    Coincides with the advent of Arbor Day, in order to protect China’s forestry resources, beautify the environment, protect the ecological balance, improve everyone’s awareness of voluntary tree planting. Zhang Youyun, the secretary of the Party branch of Xinye, organized Party members Zhang Manliang, Zhang Xueliang, and active members Zhang Guojie, Li Dong, Zhang Guochao, Feng Shengcang and other comrades to carry out a one-week theme day activity of “voluntary tree planting, Party members first”.

    This activity is also for every party member to implement general Secretary Xi’s concept that “clear waters and green mountains are gold and silver mountains”, practice the ecological civilization concept of advocating respecting and caring for nature, and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

    Through the public welfare afforestation activities, every party member and the middle and senior cadres of the enterprise expressed that they should make their own efforts for the environmental greening, and hoped that more people could call on by planting trees to contribute to the “clear water and green mountains”, and practice the concept of “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” with practical actions.

    Finally, the annual “voluntary tree planting, Party Members first” theme party day activities to practice the concept of ecological civilization, the enterprise development and ecological construction resonance; the exemplary role of party members to bring vitality into the development of employees.

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